Marcia Chatelain: How Universities Embolden White Nationalists

In the wake of Charlottesville, Professor Marcia Chatelain considers the role of the university in protecting and enabling white nationalists and their ideas.

For the most part, university officials have responded with statements declaring that hate has no place on campus or affirming free speech. But these carefully drafted responses rarely speak to the myriad ways that college campuses are complicit in encouraging and emboldening budding white nationalists. The basis of the white-nationalist anxiety is that inclusion means erasure, that they are fighting a mass invasion of outsiders into institutions that rightfully belong to whites. They inspire victimhood among their adherents by ignoring the evidence of the durability of white supremacy in the United States, including on our campuses. Most faculty, staff, and administrators abhor this thinking and ideology, but in my experience, they often tacitly endorse ideas that may help create little Richard Spencers.

Read more of Chatelain’s article here on The Chronicle of Higher Education website.


Photo Credits: Flickr, Nora Kaszuba

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