Immigration in the United States context is a contentious subject. The #ImmigrationSyllabus highlights the history of immigration to the US over its history:

This syllabus seeks to provide historical context to current debates over immigration reform, integration, and citizenship. Many Americans have a romanticized idea of the nation’s immigrant past. In fact, America’s immigration history is more contested, more nuanced, and more complicated than many assume. Then, like now, many politicians, public commentators, critics, and media organizations have greatly influenced  Americans’ understanding of immigration and the role that immigrants play in U.S. society.

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The #ImmigrationSyllabus was produced by: Erika Lee, Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Rudolph J. Vecoli Chair in Immigration History at the University of Minnesota and Director of the Immigration History Research Center (IHRC); María Cristina García, Howard A. Newman Professor of American Studies at Cornell University and President of the Immigration and Ethnic History Society (IEHS); Adam Goodman, Assistant Professor of History & Latin American and Latino Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago; Madeline Hsu, Professor of History, The University of Texas at Austin; Julian Lim, Assistant Professor of History, Arizona State University; Maddalena Marinari, Assistant Professor of History, Gustavus Adolphus University; and Evan Taparata, PhD Candidate in History, University of Minnesota.

Photo Credits: Flickr, Miki Jourdan

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