Dorian T. Warren: How to Eradicate Poverty

Professor Dorian T. Warren’s essay for The Nation calls for a more radical approach to eradicating poverty in the United States. He challenges conventional tactics and asserts that race and gender are essential components of analysis in any adequate anti-poverty program.

Warren writes:

This moment calls for an aspirational program that can galvanize energy, animate a broad-based coalition and provide a foundation for concrete action that will put the voice and agenda of struggling Americans like Kelvishia at the center of a new national debate. At its core is a simple and achievable idea: government should take action to create millions of good new jobs in emerging sectors, guarantee decent wages and benefits for all who want to work, and ensure equity in the labor market for women and people of color.

You can read more of Professor Warren’s op-ed here on The Nation website.


Photo Credits: Flickr, Eino Sierpe

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