Beth E. Richie: How Anti-violence Activism Taught Me to Become a Prison Abolitionist

Professor Beth E. Richie reflects on how her commitment to Black feminist advocacy led her to consider the ways women and gender non-conforming individuals experience injustice, especially through state violence. Richie asserts that any focus on gendered violence must include an analysis of the carceral state and look for solutions outside of punitive justice.

Richie writes:

We are learning collectively that the way out is not to simply keep pushing back against each of those policies, strategies, and movement organizations that have disappointed us, but rather to adopt a feminist political strategy that embraces the possibility of Prison Abolition. This is where we would bring together attention to state violence as an essential aspect of ending violence against women of color and non-gender conforming communities.  All people would be safer. It means investing in a new kind of community, especially within communities of color, where those who are most disadvantaged are in leadership of sustained, base-building activities for justice.

You can read Richie’s piece in its entirety here at The Feminist Wire website.  

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