Barbara Ransby – Our Biden Problem

By Dr. Barbara Ransby


As election season nears, Ransby urges us to think about and beyond voting as the sole solution to “Trumpism”. She points to a pressing dilemma of contemporary movements: “How to oust Trump while still combatting Biden’s neoliberalism”. Ransby writes:

“But here is another inconvenient truth. Voting, though necessary, is insufficient. Those who came before us did not fight and die simply so we could vote; they fought and died so we could live in a more just world. That world will not occur within the bounds of racial capitalism; that marks the bigger project. Meanwhile, we have to vote—and organize.


We have to build social movement organizations and coalitions, reinvigorate our labor unions, protest in the streets and lobby local officials, and struggle for fundamental and systemic change on multiple fronts.”

Read the piece here at In These Times.

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