Amalia Pallares: Ending DACA Puts Whole Communities At Stake

In this op-ed for The Chicago Reporter, Professor Amalia Pallares asserts that DACA not only protects immigrant youth from deportation, but improves the lives and livelihoods of entire immigrant communities.

She writes:

But to be clear, what is at stake are the dreams of millions of undocumented immigrants, and not just DACA recipients.  DACA does not just benefit these youth as individuals, but their families and communities as well.  Many of these youth help to supplement their family incomes, and will help support their parents when they retire, as they are not eligible for Social Security benefits despite paying into the system… Several DACA youth have also become organizers, building wide and deep community networks of support for immigrants and other struggling communities. In Chicago alone, DACA youth have participated actively in anti-deportation, labor, health, sanctuary and education movements, as well as in the Black Lives Matter movement. Losing DACA will negatively impact their families and communities emotionally, socially and financially.

You can read more of Pallares’ op-ed here on The Chicago Reporter website.

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