Alvaro Huerta: “No Deal on ‘S–hole’ Border Wall!”

Professor Alvaro Huerta says “No!” to Trump’s border wall proposal on the Immigration Prof Blog. 

He writes:

As I’ve argued in my last op-ed, “Demanding a Clean DACA Bill, Now!,” Trump manufactured a crisis among DACA recipients when he announced (on September 5, 2017) the end of former-President Barack “Deporter-in-Chief” Obama’s executed order, providing temporary relief from deportation and work permits for an estimated 800,000 undocumented youth. As the “Hustler-in-Chief,” Trump is now using DACA as a bargaining chip to secure his “s—hole” wall.

Now that Schumer has come to his senses (or was pressured to) by withdrawing his support for Trump’s “s—hole” wall—after caving on the recent, 3-day government shutdown—the Senate Minority Leader and his colleagues in the Senate and House must unite and stand firm against the “Racist-in-Chief” and complicit Republican leaders on passing a clean DACA bill.

Check out the post on the Immigration Prof Blog.

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