Alvaro Huerta: Latina and Latino Immigrants in the Racist Era of Trump

Professor Alvaro Huerta considers President Trump’s racist rhetoric and policy positions towards Latina/o immigrants to the United States, recalling the US’s history of violence towards immigrant populations.

Huerta writes:

President Trump’s immigration rhetoric and policies consist of racist, xenophobic, enforcement-only and divisive (i.e., “us-versus-them”) political positions. Moreover, Trump’s domestic positions on immigration interconnect with his foreign diplomacy based on isolationist and unilateralist policies. While former U.S. presidents espoused (and implemented) similar anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies, such as the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the internment of an estimated 120,000 Japanese immigrants and citizens during World War II, Trump, during his short presidency, aims to reimagine or reinvent the country’s dark past with his racist slogan, “Make America Great Again”—which Trump originally claimed he coined. (Trump actually stole it from the late President Ronald Reagan.)

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