Alvaro Huerta: Demanding a Clean DACA Bill, Now!

In this article for the Huffington Post, Professor Alvaro Huerta demands a bill to protect young migrants from deportation.

He writes:

I don’t know what it feels like to be in a constant state of fear or anxiety, not knowing when la migra will deport me (or my parents) at any given day. (Actually, I did grow up in America’s public housing projects, experiencing the horrors of poverty, state violence and hopelessness, but that’s another essay.) For undocumented immigrants, it’s not just la migra. It’s also the police. In non-sanctuary municipalities, for instance, the police and local authorities comply with la migra, where a simple traffic violation could lead to deportation. La migra also targets undocumented immigrants at court hearings. For undocumented parents, dropping off their child or children at school could also lead to deportation. Evidently, even companies like Motel 6 are complicit by sharing their guest lists with “Latino sounding names” with la migra.

In my old barrio, two words describe those who cooperate with repressive authorities: cowardly snitches!

Read more at the Huffington Post website. 

Photo Credits: Flickr/ John St John

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