United We Dream: Pass the Dream Act Now!

United We Dream calls for the passage of a clean DACA bill to protect immigrant youth.

Passing permanent protection for immigrant youth in the form of a Dream Act that stays true to our values: no border wall, no more detention, no more deportations for the protections of those impacted. Congress needs to pass a the Dream Act that does not include funding for enforcement that would endanger other immigrants. I will not put a target on my mother or others members of my community in order to get relief for immigrant youth.

This is important, because hundreds of thousands of workers, families, and immigrants depend on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. If enough of us demand that General Kelly take a stance in favor of keeping the program, we can be a step closer to protecting nearly 800,000 people from deportation.

Head over  to the United We Dream website to sign the petition and support their other initiatives protecting immigrant youth.

Photo Credits: Flickr, Molly Adams

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