ROAR Magazine: Seed Freedom and the Future of Farming

Scholar and activist Dr. Vandana Shiva discusses industrial agriculture, global capitalism, and their impacts on climate change in this interview for ROAR magazine.

Industrial globalized agriculture is one of the single biggest contributors to climate change. Some estimate that at least 25 percent of global emissions are related to the industrial food system: carbon dioxide (CO2) from the use of fossil fuels, nitrogen oxide (N2O) from the use of chemical fertilizers, and methane (CH4) from factory farming.


According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), atmospheric concentration of CO2 has increased from a preindustrial concentration of about 280 parts per million to 403.3 parts per million in 2016 as a result of human activities. 

Read more of Dr. Shiva’s interview at ROAR

Photo Credits: Flickr, Nuttapat La-Or

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