NYC Stands with Standing Rock: #StandingRockSyllabus

This syllabus contextualizes struggle over sovereignty and self-determination in connection with Standing Rock protests and resistance.

Indigenous peoples around the world have been on the frontlines of conflicts like Standing Rock for centuries. This syllabus brings together the work of Indigenous and allied activists and scholars: anthropologists, historians, environmental scientists, and legal scholars, all of whom contribute important insights into the conflicts between Indigenous sovereignty and resource extraction. While our primary goal is to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, we recognize that Standing Rock is one frontline of many around the world. This syllabus can be a tool to access research usually kept behind paywalls, or a resource package for those unfamiliar with Indigenous histories and politics.

Read the full #StandingRockSyllabus on the NYC Stands with Standing Rock website.

Photo Credits: Flickr/Michael Kay

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