Marlon Bailey: Ending the Stigma on Queer Black People and AIDS

This article at The Link recounts a performance by Professor Marlon Bailey exploring the live of queer black men in the AIDS era.  Bailey’s goal is to contextualize the men’s experiences with marginalization and stigmatization around gender, queer identities, and sex.

“Throughout the narratives we see ways in which Black queer people suffer through intersectional forms of marginalization, exclusion, and overall social disqualification,” said Bailey in his performance.


“We also see the ways in which they internalize and perpetuate aspects of the similar forms of violence to which they are subjected such as misogyny, femphobia, transphobia, and homophobia all of which are complicit with, if not constitutive of racism and white supremacy,” Bailey said, adding that this is why intersectional analyses and approaches to HIV prevention and knowledge reduction are essential.

Read more about Professor Bailey’s talk here at The Link’s website.


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