Democracy Now: As Erica Garner Is Mourned, Why Are Black Mothers in NYC Dying at 12 Times Rate of White Mothers?

Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaik consider the impact of racial violence on black motherhood.

NERMEEN SHAIKH: In Harlem, hundreds of people attended the funeral Monday of anti-police brutality activist Erica Garner, who died at the age of 27 on December 30th after an asthma-induced heart attack, four months after giving birth to her second child. Erica’s father, Eric Garner, was killed when police officers in Staten Island wrestled him to the ground, pinned him down and applied a fatal chokehold in 2014. Outside the funeral, Shannon Jones of the anti-police brutality organization Why Accountability read from placards about Erica’s death.

SHANNON JONES: [echoed by the People’s Mic] On December 30th, 2017, Erica died after suffering a heart attack. Erica attributed her failing health to the trauma of racial injustice. A new study of mothers in New York City found that black mothers are 12 times more likely to die than white mothers and that racism kills. And that racism kills. Fact five: On August 6, 2017, Erica gave birth to a son, naming him Eric after her father. Erica said, “It’s hard, but you have to keep going, no matter how long it takes. We deserve justice, no matter how long it takes.” We deserve justice, no matter how long it takes! We deserve justice! This is not an isolated incident!

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Photo Credits: Flickr, Eino Sierpe

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