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    Below you will find our frequently asked questions.

    What are the fundamental principles of SSJ?

    SSJ has created a set of objectives and guidelines outlined in our Principles of Unity. You can find that information in the main menu, under About > Principles of Unity.

    How do I become a member?

    Membership in SSJ requires a vetting process. Learn more by visiting the Membership page in the main menu under Join Us.

    Where are you located?

    SSJ is an international organization with most members living within the United States. We are currently headquartered in Chicago, IL.

    How can I learn more about SSJ events?

    SSJ facilitates and curates a number of convenings, statements, and actions each month. You can learn more about these events by visiting our Actions page in the main menu.

    Who are the core members of SSJ?

    SSJ is comprised of diverse coordinating committee of scholars and activists with emphases in disciplines across the Academy. Learn more about them by clicking on About > Coordinating Committee.

    Interested in joining SSJ? Learn more by visiting our Membership Page.