Chicago Sun-Times: By expanding scope, Black Lives Matter continuing work of civil rights movement

Rachel Hinton of the Chicago Sun-Times considers the scope and organizational structure of the Black Lives Matter Movement, contrasting from earlier Black freedom struggles.

Barbara Ransby, a professor of African American Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said while the groups are similar there are key differences between activists today and those from the 1960s, namely their leadership and organization styles.

Ransby said Black Lives Matter “rejected the old top-down charismatic leader model. They are more decentralized and more democratic.”

“They respect elders but are not looking for elders to tell them what to do. And they are focused on the most marginalized sectors of the black community: poor and working class and formerly incarcerated people,” Ransby said.

Read more about the BLM movement on the Chicago Sun-Times website.

Photo Credits: Flickr/ Paul Lurrie

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