Chandra Talpade Mohanty: Feminist Wire Interview

In this interview on The Feminist Wire, Professor Chandra Mohanty discusses her development as a scholar and her commitment to transnational feminism. She emphasizes the importance of building solidarity amongst US women of color and international women of color.

Mohanty says:

My experience of the Common Differences conference in 1983 was instructive in that as a woman of color from the Global South, it was really important for me to understand the U.S. landscape of feminism from the epistemological standpoint of U.S. women of color.  So while the politics of class/capitalism and decolonization provided a common locus of engagement, developing an anti-racist standpoint was key in forging solidarities with U.S. women of color.   Similarly, my collaborations—scholarly, pedagogical, and activist, have always been with U.S. women of color with actively anti-nationalist, anti-imperialist feminist commitments.   I guess what I am saying here is that there are abundant opportunities for solidarities between U.S. women of color and women of color from the Global South—but the success of these collaborations and alliances depends on a deep commitment to understanding the differences between our histories and experiences.

You can read more of Mohanty’s interview here on The Feminist Wire website.

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