Cathy Cohen: GenForward Survey of Millennials

The Root discusses findings in Professor Cathy Cohen’s GenForward Survey of Millennials, particularly those concerning young people’s understanding of racism. The survey finds that young people of color and young white Americans are divided in the ways they experience and perceive racism:

In this latest survey (pdf)—taken Aug. 31 to Sept. 16, 2017—there’s definitely a gap in perception around topical hot-button issues such as white discrimination, Confederate symbols and President Donald Trump.


For example, poll results show that 48 percent of white millennials think discrimination against whites is as bad as it is against blacks, in line with their older peers. When you aggregate data further, a large majority of white millennial Trump voters, 70 percent, say discrimination against whites is as bad as against blacks. No folks of color came near this.

Read more about the GenForward Survey here The Root’s website and on the GenForward Survey homepage.

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